Property Management

Our goal is to make our tenants and their guests feel safe and secure in their work environment. In addition to meeting all the government requirements for safety practices, Kemper Development Company also offers its tenants, employee, and guests these additional enhancements for their comfort and safety.

Professional Guidance
• Ongoing Consultation with Certified Hygienist

Common Area HVAC Enhancements
• Use of sanitizing UV lighting HVAC system
• Use of sanitizing UV lighting HVAC in each hotel
• Use outside air to maximize building air quality
• Stringent schedule for air filter replacement
• Application of hospital-grade disinfectant on air handling units

Cleaning and Safety Enhancements In Common Areas
• Use of sanitizing UV lighting in all elevators
• Use of hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner
• Use of electrostatic sanitizing disinfectant sprayers
• Implementation of enhanced cleaning frequency
• UV sanitizing lights to clean all Bellevue Collection common area escalator handrails