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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives at The Collection

Did you know?
The Collection practices many ways of controlling waste, water and energy reduction, use of Green cleaning products and other methods of Sustainable Property Management?”

There are over 10 locations at Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square where you can recycle 16 different types of materials.

Many restaurants at The Collection recycle their own food waste and are provided containers to turn their grease waste in to Bio-diesels

Implementing waterless urinals throughout The Collection saves an average of 36 million gallons of water annually

What you can recycle at The Collection:

Clean Paper: Newspaper, copy paper, magazines, junk mail, envelopes (windows okay), ream wrappers, shredded paper in a paper bag, telephone books, paper boxes, gift wrap without foil or ribbon.
Plastic coated paper drink boxes (soy & juice, rinsed)
Frozen Food boxes (Lean Cuisine, etc)
Milk Cartons (rinsed)
Juice and Ice Cream Cartons (flattened, rinsed and no lids)
Starbucks or Other cardboard warm-drink holders

Plastic bottles or jugs (no lids)
Starbucks or Other clean coffee cup lids
Deli or Take-out plastic containers – rinsed and free of food
Plastic retail and produce bags (clean and dry). Place in a similar bag and tie.
Plastic film including shrink and bubble wrap (clean and dry)
Plastic 5-gallon buckets (rinsed, no lids, no metal)
Industrial plastics of any size (clean, rinsed and dry

Soda cans
Tin cans (rinsed and labels removed)

Glass Bottles (no lids)
Light bulbs

Fats, oils and food grease

What you can’t recycle at The Collection:

Contaminated Paper Towels
Pizza boxes (take home to your yard waste bin)
Plastic or waxed cardboard
Waxed paper or cartons
Tissue or foil wrapping paper
Starbucks or other coffee cups

Lids or Bottle caps
Plastic or waxed cardboard
Plastics or Aluminum with food on it
Six-pack soda plastic holders
Plastic cups, plates, utensils

Aerosol Cans, foil/Aluminum
paper and microwave ovens

Mirrors or window glass

CDs and computer monitors

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